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Introducing the Healthy Building Institute's

Healthy Building Verification Program



The Healthy Building Institute (HBI) is an Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) division within Hygieneering, Inc. that focuses on providing clients with expert 3rd party Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Consulting/Inspection/Testing/Training & Healthy Building Verification services.

Today, trust matters more than ever. Building Owners and Operators around the world are seeking to establish trust with their Staff, Tenants and General Public stakeholders through properly verifying their buildings are in fact safe and healthy to occupy.  HBI’s, Healthy Building Verification Program delivers a trusted 3rd party expert solution and transparent comprehensive reassurance to all stakeholders to achieve this paramount goal.  


HBI’s comprehensive annual Healthy Building Verification (HBV) Program expertly supports Indoor Environmental Health and Safety concerns for an organization’s most valuable assets-its people. The HBV program offers building occupants confidence that indoor working, learning, and living environments in a post COVID-19 world and beyond are safe, healthy, comfortable and enhance productively.


The Healthy Building Institute is staffed by an expert Environmental Health and Safety Management team of professionals that has successfully designed and implemented Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Inspection, Testing, Consulting, and Healthy Building Verification requirements within the Academic, Commercial, Healthcare, Multi-Tennant Residential and Industrial market sectors for over 33 years.

HBI’s expert team of Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Professionals includes:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists

  • Certified Safety Professionals

  • Microbiologists


  • Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Professionals

  • EH&S Professional Field Staff Inspection & Testing Technicians

The annual Healthy Building Verification Program includes the following expert 3rd party Environmental Health and Safety Inspection, Testing, Guidance and Healthy Building Verification scope of services that supports a Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Productive Indoor Environments for occupants:

  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Testing to verify compliance with established OSHA, EPA, ASHRAE and CDC standards for indoor environments to address both the heating and cooling seasons.

  • Water Testing of Potable drinking water supplies to verify safe and healthy water quality is being provided per EPA drinking water quality standards.

  • HVAC mechanical system inspection and operations guidance to verify the HVAC system within the facility is properly maintained/operating and providing the indoor environment with fresh air exchanges that are compliant with OSHA, EPA, ASHREA and CDC guidelines and recommendations.

  • Facility cleaning and disinfection review and guidance to verify that this facility’s daily cleaning and disinfection practices are OSHA, EPA and CDC compliant to properly maintain safe and healthy contact surfaces.  

  • Implementation of an Indoor Environmental Management Plan that provides direction and resources to rapidly respond to potential Indoor Environmental Health and Safety problems so they can be addressed early on with well documented scientific supported solutions.


As regulatory (EPA, OSHA) and scientific (AIHA, ACGIH, NIH, CDC) and engineering (ASHRAE, ASTM) standards have changed so have our designs and approach to implementation.  Regardless of changing standards, our mission always remains to ensure that meaningful, proven and evidence-based measures are adopted and verified to create and maintain Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Productive Indoor Environments.



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Public Outreach Communication Component of the HBI – Healthy Building Verification Program

Upon HBI’s verification of a Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Productive Indoor Environment, HBI provides buildings with HBI – Healthy Building Verification entryway signage with an embedded quick scan QR code. The QR Code scan professionally orientates building staff, tenants and public stakeholders on the expert level of care that the building has taken to establish and maintain an indoor environment that is Safe, Healthy, Comfortable and enhances Productivity.  The Public Outreach Communication component of the Healthy Building Verification Program builds and maintains needed trust with all stakeholders as required in a post COVID – 19 World and beyond.

To inquire on how to engage the HBI – Healthy Building Verification Program to verify that your building is maintaining a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environment simply contact an HBI representative today through the HBI/HBV Proposal Request link.  An HBI representative will then contact you shortly to schedule a walkthrough of your facility to support the development of a customized HBI- Healthy Building Verification Program proposal that will best support your Building’s operations.  Within 5 working days from conducting the walkthrough of your facility, HBI will provide you with a comprehensive and customized Healthy Building Verification Program proposal for your review and consideration.  


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To further discuss how Hygieneering's Healthy Building Institute services can help you meet your environmental objectives, please contact David Zeidner at 630-654-2550 or

Hygieneering is a professional service provider and a Certified Woman-Owned Business.

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