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Recent Industrial Hygiene & Safety Projects

Hygieneering's Industrial Hygiene and Safety Services have promoted a safe and healthy workplace for our clients spanning many industries. Read about these projects to get an idea of how Hygieneering, Inc. can help your work place.

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Natural Gas Leak
COVID-19 OSHA Respiratory Protection Program Compliance for Local Chicago Area School Districts
Permit-Required Confined Space Program & Training Assistance
NFPA Emergency Exit Door Compliance
Review of Energy Control Procedures
Facility Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan Review
COVID-19 Support Services
Construction Safety & Health Professionals
Monthly Safety Inspections & Meetings
Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring for Lead & Respirable Crystalline Silica
OSHA Side-By-Side Industrial Hygiene Sampling
Lockout Tagout Program Implementation - Commercial Client
Healthcare Setting Hazardous Drug Wipe Sampling in Support of USP 800
OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM)/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Risk Management Plan (RMP) 3-Year Compliance Audit Report
New Product Safety Review
Occupational Exposure Monitoring in the Healthcare Environment
Bi-Lingual Safety Assistance
OSHA Citation Assistance
OSHA Silica Sampling
Healthcare Facility Noise Management During Construction
Temporary Environmental, Health & Safety Staffing
Construction Site Safety Audits
Industrial Hygiene Assessment at a Specialty Wire Manufacturer OSHA Compliance Air Sampling and Local Exhaust Ventilation System Review
OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) / EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) Three-year Compliance Audit
Hexavalent Chromium Air Sampling
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