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Industrial Hygiene & Safety Consulting

Hygieneering's Industrial Hygiene and Safety Services include exposure assessments to chemicals and noise as well as auditing, reviewing and preparing written compliance programs to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals and industrial hygiene and safety field technicians provide local and national coverage to conduct industrial hygiene sampling for employee exposures and written compliance program services.


We provide industrial hygiene services to the energy, petroleum, food, utility, academic and pharmaceutical industries as well as safety consulting services to general industries, cities and villages, airports and railroad transportation facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings and schools.


Our staff's expertise includes Equipment Specific Lock Out Procedures (ESLPs), hazardous energy shut down and start up procedures for Lockout/Tagout OSHA compliance, site specific Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Fall Protection and Hazardous Material Management wrtten compliance and NFPA 70 E Arc Flash consulting services.


Process Safety Management / Risk Management Plan

  • PSM/RMP management program development 

  • Management of Change (MOC) & Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) development  

  • Compliance audits & written compliance programs to minimize employee exposures include: PPE recommendations, safe work practice recommendations and work area ventilation recommendations.

  • Process Hazard Analysis 

  • Operating procedure development 

  • Preventative maintenance procedure development 

  • Worst case and alternative scenario modeling 

  • PSM/RMP regulation requirement training  

  • 5 year mechanical integrity inspections


EHS Program Services

  • Written management programs, policies and procedures

  • Program and facility compliance audits 

  • Energy control (lockout/tagout) procedure development 

  • Chemical inventory and safety data sheet collection 

  • Permit required confined space inventory, evaluations, and demarcation 

  • Job safety analysis (JSA)


Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Industrial hygiene sampling and employee assessments for chemicals that include hexavalent chrome, lead, silica, benzenes, particulates and noise

  • Qualitative & quantitative Respiratory Protection Fit-Testing Services 

  • Qualitative industrial hygiene evaluations

  • Quantitative air contaminant sampling 

  • Sound level surveys

  • Octave band analysis surveys 

  • Personal noise dosimetry sampling 

  • Qualitative & quantitative ventilation assessments 


Onsite Staffing Support

  • Temporary qualified and experienced EHS staffing


EHS Prog

For more information, click to contact Kevin Konkey via email or call 630-654-2550.

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