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Environmental Health & Safety
Training Services

Hygieneering's Health and Safety Training Institute offers numerous types and levels of training to meet a broad range of industrial, commercial and construction related needs. Training programs are prepared and delivered by professionals with experience and credentials (CIH, CSP, CHMM, etc.)

Our instructors are active in the Health, Safety and Environmental profession. They design, manage and conduct health and safety work in various industries on a regular basis. Therefore, our training is current, state of the art and delivered by credible instructors. Students receive valuable information, skills and certification, which prepare them to deal with real work situations, and sets them apart from their peers and competition.


  • OSHA Safety and Health Training: Skills based training for individuals and groups who work in HVAC, Duct Cleaning, Construction, Facility Maintenance and other Building Trades. OSHA required training on all topics such as Lockout/Tagout, Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, PPE, Fire Safety and Fall Protection is offered.

  • Environmental Training: Skills training and certification is provided for Mold Remediation Workers, Asbestos Abatement Workers and Supervisors and all HAZWOPER levels.


Hygieneering, Inc. also offers customized training at client facilities in addition to hosting training sessions at our Willowbrook, IL training institute.


Asbestos Training


  • 4-Hour Asbestos Building Refresher

  • 40-Hour Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor Initial 

  • 8-Hour Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor Refresher 

  • 32-Hour Asbestos Worker Initial 

  • 8-Hour Asbestos Worker Refresher


ASB Trng
Lead Training


  • 8 Hour Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Initial

    • Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting class Initial for USEPA Certified Renovator training

  • 4 Hour Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) refresher

    • Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting class Refresher for USEPA Certified Renovator training


Lead Trng
HAZMAT Training for Shippers


  • Hazmat Ground Shipper Training (DOT)

  • Hazmat Air Shipper Training (IATA)

  • Hazmat Vessel Shipper Training (IMDG)




  • 4-hour First responder awareness level

  • 8-hour First responder operations level

  • 24-hour Hazardous materials technician

  • 40-hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker

  • 8-hour On scene incident commander initial

  • 8-hour Hazardous materials technician / waste site worker refresher

  • 8-hour On scene incident commander refresher


OSHA Outreach Training


  • 10-hour Construction Industry

  • 30-hour Construction Industry

  • 10-hour General Industry 

  • 30-hour General Industry

  • 10-hour Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) Construction Industry (click here for more details)

  • 20-hour Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) Supervisory Leadership Skills (click here for more details)

Outreach Trng
Safety Trng
Safety Training


  • Confined Space in Construction – competent person 

  • Excavation & Trenching – competent person 

  • Fall Protection – competent person 

  • Scaffold user / erector - competent person

  • Crane signal person & rigging qualification 

  • Emergency Action Plan 

  • Fire Prevention 

  • First Aid, CPR & AED 

  • Electrical safe work practices

  • Permit Confined Space Entry & Rescue Training

  • Ladder

  • Lockout / Tagout 

  • Respiratory protection 

  • Personal protective equipment 

  • Hazard communication 

  • Emergency Action Plan 

  • Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts) (*This training is provided using client equipment.)

  • Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms (*This training is provided using client equipment.)

  • Fire extinguisher 

  • Hearing Protection 

  • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing 

  • Toxic Air Contaminates  

  • Bloodborne pathogens


NFPA 70 E Arc Flash Training


  • 1910.269 Safety & Arc Flash Awareness (5-Hour Qualified Training)

  • Low Voltage Qualified Course (50v-600v) (8-Hour Qualified Training)

  • High Voltage Qualified Course (600v or Higher) (8-Hour Qualified Training)

    • Prerequisite – Low Voltage Qualified Course  

  • Low Voltage Qualified Refresher (4-Hour Qualified Training)

    • Prerequisite – Low Voltage Qualified Course  

  • High Voltage Qualified Refresher (4-Hour Qualified Training)

    • Prerequisite – Low & High Voltage Qualified Course

  • NEC for Industrial Installations (40-hour Training)



For pricing information, please contact us.  For more information or if you have other questions, click to contact Kevin Konkey via email or call 630-654-2550.

For a calendar of currently scheduled classes, if any, please click here. (Dates subject to change and/or cancellation.)

To see examples of recent Training projects, click here.
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