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DOT Requiring Spill Response Plans for High Hazard Flammable Trains

The final rule requires railroads to develop and submit Comprehensive Oil Spill Response Plans for route segments traveled by high hazard flammable trains that are carrying petroleum oil in blocks of 20 or more loaded tank cars and trains that have a total of 35 loaded petroleum oil tank cars.

Railroads are also required to identify the person responsible for each response zone, along with the organization, personnel, and equipment capable of removing and mitigating a worst-case discharge. Information about the trains must be provided to state and tribal emergency response commissions. “This new rule will make the transport of energy products by railroad safer,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao in a news release.

Hygieneering, Inc. is a full service environmental, health and safety consulting, testing and training firm that has served the gas and oil industries for over thirty years. Hygieneering’s expertise include: OSHA HAZMAT site worker training, hazardous material remediation plans, air and water testing, and remediation project oversight.

Please contact Kevin Konkey at or 630-654-2550 for more information.

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