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  • John Feller, CIH, CSP, President

What Steps is Hygieneering Taking Regarding COVID-19?

To ensure the safety of our employees, business partners and clients, Hygieneering is taking the following steps in response to COVID-19.

Effective Monday March 16, Hygieneering adopted the following business operations schedule as a further extension of CDC guidelines to prevent potential spread of COVID-19 among our team and families.

  1. All Operations Team Members will work remotely at client job sites or from home.

  2. All Operations Support and Office Team Members will work remotely workload permitting.

  3. All Management Team Members will rotate working remotely and from the office.

  4. We will continue to communicate with our staff regarding CDC and other safety guidance for their well-being. We expect our staff to stay current on responsible health precautions issued by CDC and OSHA as well to protect themselves, their loved ones and co-workers until this health issue is under control in America.

  5. Our IT capabilities are strong to allow our staff to work remotely and securely.

Hygieneering’s new business operations schedule is in place until further notice.

Hygieneering Risk Mitigation Measures

In line with direction from global health authorities, we are taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Increased levels of cleaning and disinfection in our building.

  • Providing hand sanitizer up at the front desk

  • Continual monitoring of reputable government sources for the most up to date information that may affect our operations

  • Providing our staff with guidance on this issue

You can also help support a healthy work environment by:

  • Frequently washing your hands by using alcohol-based hand sanitizers or soap and water

  • Avoiding touching your eyes, mouth, or nose

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw your tissue in the trash.

  • Avoid handshakes. Use alternatives to a handshake, such as:

  • courteous nod

  • elbow touch/bump

  • phantom fist bump (not touching hands)

  • If you have any flu like symptoms (including a fever of 100.4° F or higher, cough, or trouble breathing), do not report to the office. Stay home and call your Project Manager to discuss your situation.

  • If you are traveling on an airplane or other mode of public transportation, consider wiping down all surfaces with a disinfectant wipe (arm rest, table, seat belt connector, etc.)

When visiting client locations, our staff may be asked to fill out paperwork regarding their current health status and recent travel outside the country. Our staff has been instructed to comply with these client requests.

Some of our staff may be involved with fieldwork regarding COVID-19 response actions in commercial office buildings or schools. As always, a risk assessment of their activities will be conducted and appropriate PPE will be selected to address the project.

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