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Celebrating Ten Years with Hygieneering!

Travis Fellers, CIH, CSP

Managing Director, Technical Services

Travis began his career with Hygieneering in May of 2014. He received his BS from Illinois State University. He also received his master’s degree from Montana Tech in 2022. Travis has focused on his professional development, passing his ASP Exam in June 2019, the CSP Exam in February 2020, and the CIH Exam in May 2021. To Travis, “Hygieneering has given me great experience in the field to further develop my skills and knowledge in industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental.”

Travis enjoys consulting because of the variety of industries he works with including construction, service, chemical, education, manufacturing, mining, aerospace, food, and healthcare. “It’s great to reflect each year on what companies you were able to work with and the different projects you were able to complete for clients. It’s rewarding knowing how much you are able to help clients and complete each year.”

Outside of work, Travis enjoys golfing, cooking, hiking, traveling, and now, spending time with his 1-year-old son, Miles. Little does he know; a younger brother will be arriving in November. Travis is now accepting all tips from clients on how to handle two. Reach out with advice! Congrats Travis! We are so fortunate to have him on the Hygieneering team.

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