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Building Envelope Inspection Services

For over 30 years, Hygieneering, Inc. has been assisting clients in identifying and resolving water intrusion issues caused by building envelope failures.

Our BEIS team of Architects, Structural Engineers, Construction Managers and Building Envelope Professionals work together to conduct Building Envelope Water Intrusion Investigations, develop and provide Building Envelope Restoration/Repair Plans and Specifications to meet building codes and support safety, building aesthetics, energy conservation and required building envelope repairs.

Hygieneering’s BEIS Team offers the following Building Envelope Inspection and Solution Services to maintain, repair and protect our valued client’s real estate assets:

• Water Intrusion Investigation
Water Intrusion Investigations are routinely performed to identify water entry points and pathways through the building and to define the extent of building envelope system failures.

• Building Envelope Restoration/Repair Plans and Specifications
Engineered Façade Restoration/Repair Plans and Specifications are developed to competitively bid, perform and manage building envelope restoration/construction repair services that are required to resolve identified building envelope failures.

• Architectural Preservation and Structural System Engineering
The source of water intrusion and its impact on building architecture and structure are evaluated and incorporated into our  Engineering team’s Façade Restoration/Repair Plans and Specifications.

• On-Site Building Envelope Restoration & Repair Project Management
Our Construction Managers actively manage the building envelope restoration and construction repair process in the field to ensure the Engineered Façade Restoration/Repair Plans and Specifications are executed by the engaged specialty subcontractors throughout the project.

• Facade Ordinance Inspection Compliance Services-Public Safety and Building Codes
Building Envelope Façade Inspections and Reporting Services are performed to comply with Façade Ordinance Inspections mandated by Cities and Municipalities.

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