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  • Brad Karich, Director, Environmental Services

BOMI International/BOMA Chicago Training

Brad Karich, Hygieneering's Director of Environmental Construction, just recently completed teaching the “Environmental Health & Safety Issues” course for BOMI International/BOMA Chicago. This 6-week course is one of the required courses for property/building managers to achieve the Real Property Administrator (RPA), Facility Management Administrator (FMA) or the Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA) designations.

The course provides an overview of the environmental health and safety considerations in building operations and the base skills to develop and manage proactive environmental/occupational health and safety programs, comply with regulatory standards and guidelines governing facility health and safety issues, and assess when to obtain technical assistance.

The Major Topics Covered included:

  • Regulatory Overview

  • OSHA and EPA Regulations

  • Hazard Communication

  • Emergency Response

  • Asbestos and Lead Management

  • Office and Industrial Ergonomics

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Air Emissions and Pollution Control

  • Storage Tanks

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Site Assessment

  • Audits, Recordkeeping and Legal Issues

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